Information about SapioX

How it works

The idea is very simple

If you're a tutor: create your account, specify what you teach, set the price or offer it for free.
Listings are free but we may charge you a small success fee, when someone purchases your classes.
To receive payments, you need to have a Paypal account, it is required in order to accept payments 
for your listings, and must be connected to SapioX. You will also need to grant SapioX permission 
to charge a transaction fee. 
Minimum listing price is set to 5. 
Our success fee is 5% with the minimum commission set to 0.99.
If you charge your students in 5-19.9 range, our commission will be 0.99 flat fee. 
If you charge your students 30, our commission will be 1.5 (5%) and so on. 
You might wanna use our Calendar option for booking specific days and hours.
Bear in mind that our server is on CET time (Paris, Rome, Berlin), so if you're in New York and want 
to offer a class at 10AM New York Time, it will be 16PM in Paris thus should be on your timetable. 
To avoid any confusion, do mention the time zone you're in in your About info and make sure your 
students got it right, use Time Zone Converter.

If you're a student: browse our menu, find your tutor, discuss time and payment options.
Remember about the time zone when you book a class, our server is on CET time, always confirm
your teacher's time zone and availability prior to scheduling your class hours and making payments.

Don't forget to leave a feedback and share your experience with the others.

Few simple rules to abide by:
Be polite to other users.
No abuse, no harassing, no spam, no solicitation.
You may create multiple listings but use one account per person only.